As a registered tax agent we can attend to all your compliance needs in relation to your individual or family group’s income tax obligations. This includes preparation and lodgement of income tax returns as well as advising you on all aspects of your compliance obligations.

We understand, however, that the role of an accountant needs to be more than just managing discreet areas such as ensuring your income tax returns are lodged on time. We recognise that people need a service that encompasses effective management of their financial affairs and facilitates the building and protection of wealth for the future. In short, we recognise that you need a complete and long-term approach to managing your family’s financial affairs.

Do you need help with:

Tax planning

Salary packaging & employee share schemes

Tax residency considerations

Personal budgeting and managing your finances

Applying for finance

Strategies for effective asset ownership and asset protection

Debt structuring

Charitable & philanthropic interests


If you would like more information, or would like to discuss whether our firm is right for you and your family, please contact Dani Peard on (02) 9939 4668 or email